Sunday, September 6, 2009

Yangon Odds And Ends

There's just too many things to blog about so here's a few little things grouped together:

I always think it is interesting to see the embassies for countries, especially those that used to run a country as a colony. Britain was in Myanmar/Burma for quite a long time. The embassy is all they have left. It happens to be the nicest embassy in the city.

(PICTURE: The British Embassy.)

The nicest cars in Yangon by far were VW Beetles.

(PICTURE: Herbie yellow, Dad.)

There were many trucks carrying huge tree trunks. I know the British exported teak from Myanmar but I'm not sure if these trees are teak. Deforestation is obviously a big problem there. What I found strange though was why the trees were being brought into the city. I've seen things like this in the countryside in Vietnam but never in a downtown area.

Huyen and I passed quite a few movie theaters and they were all playing movies that had to be at least thirty years old. We took this picture and were about to take another when a security guard waved us away.

(PICTURE: It was past 11 when we took this picture but the place was shut. Odd.)

There were a few doctors' offices that had signs claiming the doctors trained in the USA. I'm curious if they actually did or if its false advertising. Regardless, this isn't where I'd like to go if I'm having heart problems.

(PICTURE: Can someone check if Dr./Professor Cho Lay Mar trained in the USA.)

It's not odd that I'm sweating in this picture. What is odd is this is probably the least sweaty I ever was. Myanmar was hot!

(PICTURE: I love this shirt if you haven't noticed in a hundred other pictures. My sweat is slowly destroying it though.)

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mom said...

As amazing as it is that Myanmar old cars are still running and old movies are just now showing, it is more amazing that the shirt from Jeremy's Bar Mitzvah 17 years ago is still wearable ( for those of us who do laundry, cotton has now turned to thin silky material).