Friday, October 2, 2009


Two nights before I left Vietnam, I did something very stupid -- I ate sushi. Sushi in Vietnam isn't good. Period. I've had it a couple of times and always been a little bit skeptical of the fish. Well, the kid I tutor's family took Huyen and I out to the Sofitel Plaza for dinner as a going away present. The Sofitel is one of the nicest hotels in Hanoi and the buffet there is supposed to be very good. I've told many people that I personally think the most dangerous food in Vietnam is the stuff served in nice restaurants since not everything is fresh like it is on the street. Well, I should have listened to myself. I ate A LOT of sushi at the Sofitel buffet and then spent next 36 hours fighting food poisoning. I had a temperature, unbelievable cramps and found that with every sip of water I would spend ten minutes on the toilet bowl. It wasn't pretty and I was sure I wouldn't be able to fly to Japan.

Somehow I made a miracle recovery and obviously made it to Japan. On the second day here my new friend Katie and I went to a sushi restaurant. Generally I would avoid a food that just got me sick (I haven't had a Napoleon dessert since I got sick from one about 20 years ago) but how can you say no to sushi in Japan! This is my first bowl of sushi...and it was DELICIOUS!


mom who says parenting never ends said...

1st seafood in Spain - twice - and then sushi in VN.... pushing your luck, young man!

Name: Songer said...

I got horribly sick eating at the nicest hotel in Mumbai, India. I definitely agree with your rule.