Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Snake Pagoda

(PICTURE: The python chilling with Buddha.)

Bike riding is hard work. On our second day in Mandalay we swapped our bicycles for a motorbike. We read about a few places outside of the city and decided to have an adventure on our own. Our first stop was the "Snake Pagoda." Long story short, this pagoda was just an average pagoda until like thirty years ago when supposedly three pythons wandered in from the forest and cuddled up with Buddha. Since that day the pagoda has always had pythons and performs a ritual with them every morning. Before the morning ritual takes place, the snake keeper lets people take photos with one of the pythons. Look at the difference in reaction between me and Huyen:

(PICTURE: Guess which one of us worked at Fear Factor.)

After picture time comes the daily ritual. Basically the snake caretakers wash the snake, dry the snake, feed the snake, and then lead the snake to a statue of Buddha. Check out the video (my favorite part is when the young child is left alone next to a giant python):


Name: Songer said...

great photo of huyen!

mom said...

Now in addition to worrying about no helmets, I have to worry about snake bites... oh, what is a mother to do?!
p.s. and the secret word verification is dedli.... oy

Benjamin said...

Best photo of Huyen ever.

That's funny about the word verification, mom. As you usually say, it's good you hear about these things after!

I'm pretty sure the pythons were safe though.In fact out of all the snakes in SE Asia those could be the least deadly ones to worry about.