Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Lunar Calendar

Despite having lived in Vietnam for over a year, I'm still constantly hearing things that make me shake my head and say, "Really?"

The other day Huyen told me about her co-worker who just gave birth to a baby boy. The coworker was very concerned because the boy was born on the first day of the lunar month. According to Huyen, it's very bad if boys are born on the first day of the lunar month because it means they're going to be "strange" and "difficult to raise."

If you're curious, it's equally worrisome to give birth to a girl in the middle of the lunar month.

A little advice from Ahoy Hanoi for those of you who are starting to think about having a baby: I would suggest consulting a lunar calendar before conception. As crazy as some of the things I hear out here are, there's often some truth to them!


Ryan said...

What part of the lunar calendar were you born in?

aristotle said...

Being born on the first of a lunar month isn’t bad. Old people said the boy might be over-active, stubborn, aggressive, and no one could take advantages of him. (That I think very positive).

By the way, I was born on the first of a lunar month. Not sure if it it is a bad sign. But I am very stubborn.

Geotacs said...

Asian culture are so culturally rich that one year would be too short to know thme all...

probably will tkae a lifetime to know ;)

enjoy your dicoveries


Linh Ho said...

I was born in the middle of the lunar month. It was not very difficult to raise me as my mom said. haha