Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vietnam Science Might Be Right

(PICTURE: A common chart at a Vietnamese Hospital.)

On Saturday August 8, 2008 I wrote a blog called "Vietnamese Science." Basically in the blog I made fun of Huyen for some of the crazy things Vietnamese think. One of the scientific things Huyen had told me and that I pointed out in that post was:

Dr. Huyen: "Married couples must have a lot of sex to get rid of bad genes. It's science."

Well, my brother sent me a link to a medical article the other day entitled, "Daily Sex Helps To Reduce Sperm DNA Damage And Improve Fertility."

I guess I owe Vietnamese Science an apology because this study basically confirms Dr. Huyen's statement. As Huyen would say, "I told you. That's science!"


aristotle said...

Hehe, no Ben, your Huyen’s view is very Western :) I did my medical degree in Vietnam and I remember no one has mentioned that. And a few weeks ago, I read an (American) article saying that the couple should have more sex to prevent flu. I think this might be helpful given the swine flu is spreading.

**Maria ** said...

I don't know, Ben...if you read the first sentence it clearly states that sex or "ej..." daily for 7 days is recommended. Of course, we all hope that there is a second person involved in the act! :)

Celine said...

Oui, Mme Dzung told me today that babies shouldn't laugh too much as their intestines can get knotted and they can die.
Damn! I mean I always tried to make my nephew laugh... now I regret it.
It's science.