Thursday, July 30, 2009


One thing that New York and Hanoi has in common is monsoon-like torrential downpours. Yesterday for the second time since I've been home, I've gotten caught outside in the middle of a ridiculous thundershower. There are a few differences in getting caught in the rain in Vietnam and in "The Big Apple" though:

1) In Vietnam everyone and their brother will try to sell you a poncho as soon as it starts to rain. In New York, every other store will sell you umbrellas.

2) In New York you can duck into the subway to stay dry and get where you need to go. In Hanoi, You've got to throw on your poncho, roll up your pants and drive your motorbike.

3) In New York you're pretty sure lightning will hit a tall building with a lightning rod. In Hanoi, well, you might be that tall building.

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