Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Last Week To Donate

This is the last week to donate for Habitat For Humanity! Next Tuesday I'm transferring all the money to Habitat Vietnam. So far I've collected $2,254 from about seventy different people!

I've been in touch with the Habitat people in Ho Chi Minh City and will be joining a home build on September 14th. I'm hoping Huyen will be able to come with me but it depends on her work schedule.

Thanks again to everyone who has donated! If you'd still like to donate you can do it on paypal by putting in my email address: [REDACTED]


Linh Ho said...

wow, it impressed. So you and Huyen may be in HCM on Sep 14? Thanks for donating a lot of money for building house for poor Vietnamese people.

Benjamin said...

Hi, Linh! I think Huyen and I will come to HCMC on September 12th (a Saturday) and then go work on the house on the 14th. I will keep you posted because we'd be coming early so we can hang out with you and Hien!