Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fourteen Months

Fourteen months ago I met Huyen. I still smile every time I think of her...especially when she sends me funny pictures of her hanging out in trees:


Zev said...

Huyen, we have a tree similar to that in our front yard that you can climb when you come visit.

Anonymous said...

you know Asian girls always do the V sign when they pose for photo, I call them ngờ ô ngô sắc ngố. This girl I would call ngờ hát ê nghê xê hát nặng thành ra là nghệch. They are so innocent, arént they
ciao :))

Huyen said...

Happy Anniversary, Ben!

Cant wait to see you next month!

Thanks Zev, I will do that. But I hope it is not illegal for climbing to the tree in America!

Zev said...

It is definitely not illegal to do it on our property.