Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blast From The Past

(PICTURE: Huyen and her friend Trang, the girl who passed out fliers with her at Hanoi Airport.)

If you recall, the first day I met Huyen is the day that my house was robbed by ninjas. Unfortunately my camera was stolen that night with pictures I had of Huyen. I've regretted for a while that I lost pictures of Huyen from the first day I ever knew her...well, yesterday my friend Steve sent me pictures he had taken that day. Here they are:

(PICTURE: Huyen, her sister and Trang. Huyen brought along her sister to my party for added protection from the scary foreigners.)

(PICTURE: Huyen with my friend Devin. I met Huyen because I went to the airport to pick up Devin.)

I really cherish these pictures. I think it's pretty cool to have photos girlfriend/fiance/wife from the first day you met them. I also think it's pretty hilarious that Huyen is wearing a little make-up. In the year+ I was with her in Hanoi she only wore make-up three times -- this being one of them.

1 comment:

Huyen said...

I did not realize that my face looked so funny until I see these pictures!

Thanks Steave!